Damned if you avoca-do?
Damned if you avoca-do?

The cost of living and your KiwiSaver

As living costs skyrocket, Kiwis are doing it tough. We've created a handy tool to help you figure out how long your KiwiSaver fund might be able to fund your retirement for.

Whatever result you get, we have the tools and advice to help you set yourself up for a more comfortable future.

Sooner the better

The upshot is, if you haven't reviewed or switched your KiwiSaver fund for a few years, or ever, now is the best time to do so. Let's skip the calculator and...

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KiwiSaver Calculator

How many years could your KiwiSaver last?

Are you saving with a partner?

What is your income before tax?


What is your current KiwiSaver account balance?


When are you aiming to retire?


How many people are in your household?

Note: If you don't have kids yet but you plan to, include them in your household count.

Some things we take into account:

  • Salary increases
  • Cost of living increases, including housing
  • Individual KiwiSaver contributions
  • Government and employer KiwiSaver contributions
  • KiwiSaver returns
Note: The calculations are based on projections for KiwiSaver balanced funds.

If you'd like to read more about how we do our analysis, click here.

More toast you can afford


Complete the form and hit calculate and we'll show you your results here.

Things you can do, right now

We know not everyone is going to like their results. To some of you, your goals may seem a long way off, but moving towards them beats letting them slip further away. Many of the steps you can take now don't cost a cent.


Draw up a budget

It doesn't have to be flash to begin with, and you can add fancy formulas later.


Consolidate bad debt

Get those credit card or high interest loans under control.


Make your goals yours

Don't set goals to impress others. We're not saying settle either, just make sure your goals are your own, and include retiring comfortably.


Time is on your side

So if you have it, use it. Take sensible investment risks, read up on investing, hone your budget and good things (especially compound interest) will come to you.


Seek financial advice

Statistically, people who do so save more, earn higher returns and have larger KiwiSaver balances on average. They also feel healthier all-round.


Tune-up your KiwiSaver

Switching your fund now could make you thousands of dollars better off in ten years, and maybe hundreds of thousands by the time you retire.

Find a better fund